An illustrated talk by David Boyd Haycock on Saturday 23rd September 7.30pm at St Mary’s Church, Slindon BN18 0RB

The international art market is valued at billions of dollars each year. But what makes some paintings worth a fortune, and others worthless?  How is the value of a work of art determined, and what is the part played by fakes, copies and forgeries? Looking at artworks by some of the most famous Western artists, this talk ranges from the early Renaissance to the 21st century – and raises the puzzling questions, ‘what is art? and ‘what is it really worth?’

David Boyd Haycock is a well-known freelance writer, lecturer and curator specialising in British art and culture of the early 20th century.

Tickets, £10 per person (£5 student with card) available from:

Anne Jones 01243 814275    or

Moira Richards 01243 814735

Wine bar from 7.00pm 

All proceeds to St Mary’s Heritage Building Fund


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