Refuse, recycling, rubbish tip & fly tipping etc

Note that this information relates to households within the boundaries of Arun District Council. Eartham, (which is within the parish) falls within the boundary of Chichester District Council and the refuse and recycling collection details are different. We will add that information shortly.

Refuse and recylcing during the coronavirus pandemic

Arun District Council statement

We are working hard with our contractors to continue to provide waste services as a priority and these are currently running on their normal schedule. If there are impacts as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic we may need to reduce the service we provide.  If your bin is missed please do not call us, check for the latest information on waste / recycling collections here or on our social media channels”.

(But note that West Sussex County Council amenity tips are closed).

Refuse Collection arrangements
Weekly refuse collections take place EVERY Wednesday, carried out by Biffa. They request that your bin or bagged rubbish is put out on the roadway/pavement by 7am.

Arun provide recycling bins and these are emptied fortnightly, on Wednesdays also by Biffa (but different teams do the recycling collection). Once again, they request that recycling bins are put out by 7am.

For details of WHAT you can (and can’t) put into your recycling bin, please click here

The dates for the recycling collection during the current month are given on the ‘Diary at a Glance’ page of this website – click here to link to the page.

They do not take garden rubbish away unless you subscribe to the additional (and paid for) service, operated by Biffa under the Green Waste Club initiative. Click here for details

Rubbish Tip – Now re-opened

The Westhampnett Amenity tip is now open 7-days a week, 9am to 6pm.

There are limits on numbers, and although they will accept almost all items you would normally expect, they cannot accept textiles and clothes, or building rubble, or asbestos. You cannot take trailers in.

IMPORTANT NOTE – ID with proof of address is now needed to get into the Amenity Tips in West Sussex.

Please note that as of 1 December, ID (with your address) is now needed to use any of the West Sussex Amenity Tips – including Westhampnett.

These sites are for use by West Sussex residents only, and staff at Amenity Tips in the county will want to see ID in order to confirm you live within the County, before allowing you in.

There is a new ‘sentry box’ at Westhampnett where staff are stopping cars and asking for ID which has your address on it.

A drivers licence or a utility bill will do it (but thats not necessarily the kind of thing you always carry when dressed in your messiest clothes for a trip to the dump!). You will be asked for ID on every visit.

Fly tipping

Arun District Council have an on-line reporting service for fly tipping – and generally they are very good at picking up fly-tipped waste PROVIDED they have been informed.
Click here for the link to their fly-tipping reporting form

Abandonned vehicles

For abandoned vehicles there is a separate reporting system run under the name of ‘Operation Crackdown’ – click here for a link to their reporting form.