Re-cyling dates for June

Refuse collection and recyling is ‘as normal’ and the recyling dates for June are Wednesdays 3rd and 17th June.

VE Day 75th – Photos 2

Some more photos of the VE Day 75th ‘Front Garden tea parties’ on Friday 8 May 2020.

VE Day 75th – Photos 1

We had great plans for village commemoration of the VE Day 75th Anniversay on Friday 8 May – and although that couldn’t happen the ‘front garden tea parties’ (complete with decorations and dressing up) was a great success. Here are some photos – and there is a second post with yet more photos.

Westhampnett Tip reopens Monday 11 May

Good news! The tip at Westhampnett is opening on Monday 11th May. Hours will be 9.00 am to 6.00 pm and household and garden waste will be accepted. (Pre lockdown, the tip always closed all day on Tuesdays but we understand it will be open 7 days a week, including Tuesdays).

Please be aware that important limitations are currently in force – the following is quoted from their website;

Only garden waste and general household waste will be accepted.

Garden waste means green waste such as grass cuttings and hedge trimmings.

General household waste (or “black bag” waste) is the types of items that are collected in your kerbside collection such as food or non-recyclable packaging, and does not include electrical items, textiles, bulky items, furniture or general recycling. General household waste items brought to the sites at this time will be sent to landfill. We hope to be able to accept other items soon.

Please continue to use your household collections for recycling and general waste where possible, and only visit the site if the journey is essential.

Only cars will be allowed on site. Trailers and large vehicles such as vans and pickups will not be allowed access at this time.

The number of vehicles accessing the sites will be restricted. Visitors should expect long delays at sites and should delay their visit to avoid the first couple of weeks if possible.

There will be no pedestrian access at any of the sites under the current social distancing measures

Social distancing barriers will be in place. Visitors will be directed into enclosed bays to dispose of their waste.

Only one person will be allowed to get out of a vehicle. Please travel to the sites alone if possible. If other people travel to the site with you, they must remain in the vehicle.

Site staff will not be able to help unload your waste and recycling. Please do not bring anything that you cannot safely remove from your car on your own.

Note, too, that proof of residency is required. Current driving licence is preferred, followed by current Council Tax bill, utility bill, TV licence (current), bus pass or current disabled parking permit.

Vehicles requiring a permit include vans, pickups or single axle trailers (to apply for a permit visit . Some vehicles are no longer permitted at all, including multi axle trailers, horse boxes, tipper tricks, flatbed or dropside trucks and lLuton type vans.

If anyone ventures there can you let us know how you get on (queues etc) so we can update our community. Thanks. Email us on

Capturing these historic & extraordinary times

Without doubt these are unprecedented times and we are ‘living through history’ – a time we might perhaps mark and record, for us all to have for the future.

We have in mind two slightly different but complementary initiatives – either or both of which you may like to contribute to, in your own ways.

‘Created in Strange Times’

Art, craft and making things in our community during the Covid-19 Pandemic

 All the while we are all confined to home we know many of you are using the time creatively in different ways – producing art, making crafts and making/repairing things.

 We would like to celebrate everyone’s creativity by holding an exhibition of work once the crisis is passed.

 It doesn’t matter how you chose to express your creativity, or what your subject matter is, there will be a place for your work. 

Examples we have heard about include the following;

  • Painting, drawing, sculpture, collage
  • Photography
  • Music, theatre, performance
  • Writing – prose, poetry, diaries, chronicles
  • Crafts of all sorts
  • Sewing, knitting, embroidery, weaving, working with textiles
  • Making all manner of objects
  • Restoring and repairing things

Your work might reflect living through the pandemic – or it may be inspired by anything else, or simply done because at the moment you have the time!

We haven’t yet set a date for the Exhibition – we simply don’t know when it might be possible to stage it, but we expect it to involve the Coronation Hall and St Mary’s Church as Exhibition venues. (Maybe Downes Barn as well).

Acknowledgement – this idea was triggered by Joe Cornicks photographic project ‘Looking Out’. We thought that was a great idea, and from that the broader idea of “Created in Strange Times’ emerged. So thank you Joe.

A chronical of Slindon Village during the Covid-19 pandemic

In addition, it would be perhaps be valuable to keep a record of village life during the pandemic – a chronical and/or ‘scrapbook’ of all that goes on.

The work to record the Covid-19 pandemic can still be creative – painting, writing, poetry, photos etc – but all inspired by/reflecting the pandemic itself. (ie much more targeted in its subject matter). 

Diaries or journals – maybe illustrated – are particularly sought, along with copies of leaflets, photos of signs, activities etc etc – indeed anything that captures ways in which life in our community is different and distinctive during the pandemic. 

It could include ‘journalism’, collecting materials, ‘recording’ what goes on. For example, the parish mags, leaflets from the council, images of the closed off car-parks, signage, the absence of traffic and aircraft vapour trails, initiatives such as the Easter door decorations, VE Day tea parties in front gardens etc etc. 

But those are just examples – include anything that strikes you as different and distinctive about life in the village during the pandemic.

Again, hold on to this material and we will give more information about collating and keeping it in future magazines.

Please contact Mike Imms if you have any questions or suggestions. 814777.


Please contact Mike Imms if you have any questions or suggestions. 814777.

Marking VE Day under lockdown – 8 May

Marking VE Day under lockdown this Friday 8 May

As you will probably know we had great plans for street parties, dancing, walks, exhibitions, toasts and commemorations to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day, on Friday 8 May (and the ensuing weekend).

None of this is possible under lock down.

However the newspapers are full of suggestions, for things that ARE possible – along with ideas on the websites for the VE Day events. The official web site is  and there is lots on the English Heritage website (and others).

Some of the VE day celebrations that are possible within the guidelines which have already been advertised by the government are:  

11am – 2 minute Silence for a moment of Reflection and Remembrance

9pm – There is the televised addressed by the Queen and after that we could as a village stand outside (if you like to) and raise a glass to the Queen and thank all those heroes of WW11.

In addition, the Slindon Covid19 Team have given thought to one activity which is more sociable for our village but still within social distancing guidelines…… 

We could take a walk between 3pm and 4pm, walking CLOCKWISE round the village, either the upper part of the village, or Slindon Common – this would also enable us to greet those in Bridle Lane who are planning to put up decorations, bunting and/or take afternoon tea in their front gardens at this time

Prescriptions – collection and deliveries

Our local pharmacist is offering delivery for prescriptions during the pandemic:

Five Villages Pharmacy, 49 Barnham Road, Barnham,

01243 554061 (Nick)

They also deal with electronic prescriptions. 

(People can request prescriptions over the phone but we do not pick up patient repeat request forms.)

Website processing of repeat prescriptions

You can order repeat prescriptions on line.

For information on the above, click here to link to NHS information

We can arrange to take your repeat prescriptions to your pharmacy and collect medication for you

Our community network of volunteers is able to help with repeat presciptions – taking repeat prescription forms to your pharmacy and/or collecting prescriptions for you. Call Nancy Brinton to arrange this – 814693.

Shopping at Supermarkets for others…..

One of the challenges in shopping for the vulnerable – neighbours, friends or family – is paying for things.

A number of supermarkets have introduced ‘gift’ or payment cards that can be used by volunteers shopping on behalf of others, and there are other options as well.

Click here to read this useful article by Which?

Can you make scrubs bags for nurses etc?

Message from Carolyn Coles, Sunnybox Lane, Slindon

Can you help with making scrubs bags for nurses and carers?  All is explained below:

A very big thank you to all the sewing machinists in Slindon and beyond who have to date made 250 cotton bags into which nurses and carers can deposit used scrubs before going to the laundry.  (In fact carers working in the community use the bags to take their scrubs home to be washed.)

For those who are still keen and able we would love more scrub bags please as the demand continues to be high, especially in community care homes and hospices.

The draw string bags need to be made of cotton or polyester/cotton to withstand 60 degree washing temperatures.  The finished size is 14″ width x 17″ length but do add 2″inches to the length when cutting the fabric to make a folded seam at the top into which cord can be inserted. 

I have been donated several bags of duvet covers and pillow cases for converting into bags so if you have run out of material or would like material to join in this effort I can deliver to your door – call me Carolyn Coles on 814608.  Once finished please phone for collection or leave on Mary Moor’s doorstep in School Hill, telephone 814227.

If you are not able to sew but can supply suitable fabric it would be very welcome

So far the response has been amazing and sadly the demand is still strong.  Keep well everyone.

How to get help, if you need it

Slindon is an amazingly supportive place – and so it is proving during the pandemic.

As far as we can tell most people are thankfully coping quite well and we know lots of people are doing sterling work supporting our more vulnerable neighbours.

However, things change and here are a few points to bear in mind

  • if you or your neighbours aren’t sure how to get help, we have a great network of volunteers across ALL parts of the village who are available to help in many different ways.
  • The first point of contact should be Nancy Brinton who is acting as co-ordinator for our team of volunteers. Call 814 693
  • We will help with whatever we can – some examples include;
    • Shopping
    • Delivering and/or Collecting prescriptions*
    • Dog walking
    • Just a chat!
    • etc etc

REMEMBER – none of us need feel we are facing this unprecidented situation on our own. If you or your neighbours need help, just ask, and we will try our best to help.

*Please note : each pharmacy seems to have different ‘rules and regulations’ concerning things like authorisation and how far in advance they will process the forthcoming prescription. Please check what your pharmacy wants us to do!