Village Bus Timetable

Village Bus of Amberley and Slindon

Extra service on Monday mornings – This additional service will start from Slindon at 10am FROM THE CORNER OF MILL ROAD, and go via Storrington (giving 1 hour 50 minutes there) to Pulborough (about an hour at Tesco or Sainsbury’s) before returning to Slindon for about 12.50. It will then continue on its normal Monday afternoon service to Bognor (as below).

Monday – Bognor Regis
Rackham Street  12.35
The Sportsman  12.38
Hurst Cottages  12.40
Amberley Square  12.41
Slindon Coronation Hall  12.54
Top Road/Church Hill  12.57
(via Shellbridge Road)
Havenwood  1.05
Bognor Regis (Morrisons)  1.25

Bognor Regis (Morrisons)  3.30
Havenwood  3.46
(via Shellbridge Road)
Slindon Coronation Hall  3.52
Top Road/Church Hill  3.56
Rackham Street  4.13
Sportsman  4.17
Hurst Cottages  4.18
Amberley Square  4.20

First Tuesday – Worthing
Havenwood  9.15
(via Shellbridge Road)
Slindon Coronation Hall  9.20
Top Road/Church Hill  9.23
Amberley Square  9.40
Hurst Cottages  9.43
The Sportsman  9.45
Rackham Street  9.48
Worthing (Debenhams)  10.15

Worthing (Sea front, M&S)  1.05
Rackham Street  1.30
The Sportsman  1.35
Hurst Cottages  1.36
Amberley Square  1.38
Slindon Coronation Hall  1.52
Top Road/Church Hill  1.56
(via Shellbridge Road)
Havenwood  2.05

Wednesday – Rustington

Rackham Street  9.32
Sportsman  9.35
Hurst Cottages  9.36
Amberley Square  9.38
Slindon Coronation Hall  9.51
Top Road/Church Hill  9.54
(via Shellbridge Road)
Havenwood  10.00
Littlehampton  10.15
Rustington (Waitrose Car Park)  10.25

Rustington (Waitrose car park)  12.10
Littlehampton  12.20
Havenwood  12.35
(via Shellbridge Road)
Slindon Coronation Hall  12.41
Top Road/Church Hill  12.45
Rackham Street  1.03
The Sportsman  1.07
Hurst Cottages  1.08
Amberley Square  1.10

Thursday – Chichester

Rackham Street  9.32
The Sportsman  9.35
Hurst Cottages  9.36
Amberley Square  9.38
Slindon Coronation Hall  9.51
Top Road/Church Hill  9.54
Chichester Market  10.15
Chichester Cathedral (West Street)  10.20

Chichester Cathedral (West Street)  1.30 pm
Slindon Coronation Hall  1.55
Top Road/Church Hill  1.59
Rackham Street  2.17
The Sportsman  2.21
Hurst Cottages  2.22
Amberley Square  2.25

Hail and Ride is available on all routes.  The driver will pick up and set down on request on the laid-down route.  Pick up at other locations may be arranged in advance by calling Phil Greenwood on 01798 831803.  Return journeys may not always include all scheduled stops.

The fare is a flat rate of £3 for all journeys and includes the return journey.  Sussex County Card holders and children below the age of 14 years travel free.  Wheelchair passengers should ring ahead.

We are precluded by law from carrying standing passengers.

As the drivers are all volunteers and may be unfamiliar with the route, please signal clearly if you wish the bus to stop.  Drivers have full discretion in the operation of the service.

Bus Hire

The Village Bus may be available for hire outside the above times for those within the Community.  Rental charges are £65 for a morning, afternoon or evening session, with 100 free kilometres (62 miles) per rental session inclusive of fuel and insurance.  Beyond 100 kms, the extra charge is £5 per 20 kms.  Rental charges may be waived for some Community groups or events.  Drivers need to be accredited for insurance purposes and, in practice, this means using one of the existing volunteer drivers.  If the Village Bus Committee is requested to provide a driver, an extra charge of £25 applies, if such a driver is available.

Mileage is normally measured to and from the vehicle’s base in Slindon.

For further details and bookings, please contact David Slee on 814604 or Phil Greenwood on 01798 831803.

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