Capturing these historic and extraordinary times

Without doubt these are unprecedented times and we are ‘living through history’ – a time we might perhaps mark and record, for us all to have for the future.

We have in mind two slightly different but complementary initiatives – either or both of which you may like to contribute to, in your own ways.

‘Created in Strange Times’

Art, craft and making things in our community during the Covid-19 Pandemic

 All the while we are all confined to home we know many of you are using the time creatively in different ways – producing art, making crafts and making/repairing things.

 We would like to celebrate everyone’s creativity by holding an exhibition of work once the crisis is passed.

 It doesn’t matter how you chose to express your creativity, or what your subject matter is, there will be a place for your work. 

Examples we have heard about include the following;

  • Painting, drawing, sculpture, collage
  • Photography
  • Music, theatre, performance
  • Writing – prose, poetry, diaries, chronicles
  • Crafts of all sorts
  • Sewing, knitting, embroidery, weaving, working with textiles
  • Making all manner of objects
  • Restoring and repairing things

Your work might reflect living through the pandemic – or it may be inspired by anything else, or simply done because at the moment you have the time!

We haven’t yet set a date for the Exhibition – we simply don’t know when it might be possible to stage it, but we expect it to involve the Coronation Hall and St Mary’s Church as Exhibition venues. (Maybe Downes Barn as well).

Acknowledgement – this idea was triggered by Joe Cornicks photographic project ‘Looking Out’. We thought that was a great idea, and from that the broader idea of “Created in Strange Times’ emerged. So thank you Joe.

A chronical of Slindon Village during the Covid-19 pandemic

In addition, it would be perhaps be valuable to keep a record of village life during the pandemic – a chronical and/or ‘scrapbook’ of all that goes on.

The work to record the Covid-19 pandemic can still be creative – painting, writing, poetry, photos etc – but all inspired by/reflecting the pandemic itself. (ie much more targeted in its subject matter). 

Diaries or journals – maybe illustrated – are particularly sought, along with copies of leaflets, photos of signs, activities etc etc – indeed anything that captures ways in which life in our community is different and distinctive during the pandemic. 

It could include ‘journalism’, collecting materials, ‘recording’ what goes on. For example, the parish mags, leaflets from the council, images of the closed off car-parks, signage, the absence of traffic and aircraft vapour trails, initiatives such as the Easter door decorations, VE Day tea parties in front gardens etc etc. 

But those are just examples – include anything that strikes you as different and distinctive about life in the village during the pandemic.

Again, hold on to this material and we will give more information about collating and keeping it in future magazines.

Please contact Mike Imms if you have any questions or suggestions. 814777.


Please contact Mike Imms if you have any questions or suggestions. 814777.