Marking VE Day under lockdown – 8 May 2020

Marking VE Day under lockdown Friday 8 May, 2020

As you will probably know we had great plans for street parties, dancing, walks, exhibitions, toasts and commemorations to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day, on Friday 8 May (and the ensuing weekend).

None of this was possible under lock down.

Some of the VE day celebrations that were possible within the guidelines and advertised by the government included:  

11am – 2 minute Silence for a moment of Reflection and Remembrance

9pm – A televised addressed by the Queen and after that we stood outside our houses and raised a glass to the Queen and thanked all those heroes of WW11.

In addition, the Slindon Covid19 Team suggested one activity which was more sociable for our village but still within social distancing guidelines…… 

We took a walk between 3pm and 4pm, walking CLOCKWISE round the village, greeting those villagers who put up decorations, bunting and took afternoon tea in their front gardens.